Use SharePoint for document sharing and sites


適用版本: Office 365

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Many Office 365 plans include SharePoint Online, which you can use to:

  • Share your documents and ideas on One Drive for Business, Yammer, or blogs and wikis.

  • Organize your projects in team sites, store your documents in OneDrive for Business or document libraries, and create customer-facing sites for your company.



Setting up file sharing with SharePoint Online is one of the optional steps in a setup path for Office 365. For more information, see 簡化您的 Office 365 部署.

If you have existing SharePoint sites locally, you can do one of the following:

  • Move all the sites and documents to Office 365.

  • Create new sites on SharePoint Online and keep some content on the local servers.

    For example, you might want to store personnel records locally but store any sales documents in SharePoint sites in Office 365 so that your employees can access those from their phones and other devices without having to be at the office.

If you’re migrating existing SharePoint sites from your local environment to Office 365, you’ll need to let your users know about changes to the location of their content—for example, new URLs. They might also have to update any documents that point to the old URLs to point to the new ones. You’ll also need to communicate what will migrate and whether migrating some kinds of content, like their private documents, is their responsibility.

Users need to know if OneDrive for Business is in Office 365, is local, or both.

If you’re starting from scratch, you will just need to let users know how to use the new resources after your new sites are up and running.

It’s easy to create SharePoint Online project and public sites in your web browser. You can use the supplied templates to get started and then add documents, text, videos, and links. See the help for public sites and project sites for an instructive list of articles and videos.

If you’re comfortable with what’s involved in getting SharePoint Online set up for your users, you’re ready to get started with your plan.



Start planning

See the SharePoint Online planning guide to get started.

There’s another way to get users up and running with Office 365 without doing the work yourself.


Method Description More information

Hire a partner to help you plan and configure SharePoint sites for Office 365

You can find a list of partners in the Office 365 Marketplace.