Manage Software with Windows Intune (Landing Page 2)

This section provides information about how to use Windows Intune to manage software on mobile devices and computers. Go to another area of the documentation library by selecting it below.

瀏覽評估 瀏覽箭號 瀏覽設定 瀏覽箭號 瀏覽管理裝置 瀏覽加號 瀏覽管理電腦 瀏覽箭號 反白的瀏覽管理軟體 瀏覽箭號 瀏覽監視器


The following steps provide information to manage software on mobile devices and computers in Windows Intune.

Use the following link to learn key concepts and requirements for software deployment before you manage and deploy software in Windows Intune.

1a 準備

Use the following links for information to deploy software to mobile devices and computers, and manage licenses for computer software, by using Windows Intune.

2a 將軟體部署到電腦 2b 將軟體部署到行動裝置 2c 管理授權

Use the following link for resources to help you solve software deployment problems with Windows Intune.

3a 資源

For additional resources, see Information and Support for Configuration Manager.

Tip: Use this query to find online documentation in the TechNet Library for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager. For instructions and examples, see Search the Configuration Manager Documentation Library.