Changes in This Update

適用於: Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA), Operations Manager 2007, Operations Manager 2007 R2

The ISA Management Pack version 6.0.6648.0 includes the following changes:

  • The management pack now supports ISA 2006 SP1.

  • Added relationships, discoveries, and monitors to more accurately reflect the relationships between components. The "Topology (Root)" view and the state of the "Microsoft ISA 2006 Array" class should now be more useful.

  • Updated the "Computer State" view so that is it now correctly scoped only to computers with ISA 2006 components installed.

  • Fixed an issue with the script ISAServerRoleDisc.vbs failing on systems on which only the Configuration Storage Server role was installed.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing discoveries to fail on systems that were running regional settings other than EN-US.

  • Fixed an issue with the discovery and monitoring of array tasks, which should now work correctly regardless of how many servers are in a given domain or how many array tasks each server has.

  • Added state-based monitoring for the various forms of logging so they will no longer show up as "Not Monitored".

  • Fixed an issue where the discovery for "Microsoft ISA 2006 Enterprise" was not discovering the correct number of instances.

  • Corrected the names of the event logs used for some event-based rules.

  • Corrected some issues that were preventing correct alert details from being provided for monitors that check service states.

  • All script errors generated by this management pack are now being detected by the rule "ISA Server 2006 Script Error".

  • Added the following discoveries:

    • Discovery for Microsoft ISA Server 2006 Server Computer

    • Discovery for Microsoft ISA Server 2006 Server Computer Group Members

    • Microsoft ISA Server 2006 Array Contains Firewall Server Role Discovery

    • Microsoft ISA 2006 Root Container Contains Firewall Server Role Discovery

  • Added the following classes:

    • Microsoft ISA 2006 Server Computer

    • Microsoft ISA 2006 Server Computer Group