How to Display All Management Pack Rules

適用於: Operations Manager 2007

Use the following procedure to display a list of rules for the management packs that you imported. You can view the list of rules in Microsoft Excel.

To display management pack rules

  1. On your management server, click Start, type Operations Manager Shell, and then click Operations Manager Shell on the Start menu.

  2. In Operations Manager Shell, type the following command:

    get-rule | select-object @{Name="MP";Expression={ foreach-object {$_.GetManagementPack().DisplayName }}},DisplayName | sort-object -property MP | export-csv "c:\rules.csv"
    If you receive an error message indicating that access to the path is denied, modify the path “c:\rules.csv” in the command to use a path to which the user account has access. For example, user accounts should have access to their profile path. From a command prompt, you can run the command echo %userprofile% to find out the physical path to the user profile (for example, C:\Users\ALyon). When you have the user profile path, use that instead of c:\ as shown in the example commands, for example, “c:\users\ALyon\rules.csv”.

A .csv file is created. You can open the .csv file in Excel. In Excel, you might be required to specify that the .csv file is a text file.