Configuring Task Settings

適用於: Operations Manager 2007

The following tasks require that you set command-line options specifically for your computing environment before you run the tasks on remote domain controllers:






To perform the procedures in this section, you must be a member of at least the Operations Manager Operators group in the Operations console. For more information, see Account Information for Operations Manager 2007 (

To set task parameters

  1. Open the Operations console, and then click Monitoring.

  2. Expand Microsoft Windows Active Directory Management Pack Objects, and then click Rules.

  3. In the Monitoring pane, expand Microsoft Windows Active Directory, and then click DC State.

  4. In the DC State pane, select the domain controller that you want to target for running the task.

  5. In the Actions pane, right-click the task that you want to run (for example DCDIAG), and then click Run Task.

  6. In the Run Task dialog box, click Override.

  7. In Override Task Parameters, you can see the configurable options for override and set them by adding the appropriate information in the New Value column.

The overrides for running tasks do not modify the task configuration permanently; they must be set each time that you run the task.