Files in This Management Pack

更新日期: 2010年8月

適用於: Operations Manager 2007

The System Center Operations Manager 2007 setup installs the Operations Manager Management Pack as part of the standard software installation. After installation, you can upgrade to the latest version of the management pack by downloading it from

The following management packs are included as a part of the Operations Manager 2007 Management Pack:

  • System Center Core Monitoring ( This management pack defines all of the monitoring components and tasks for this package.

  • Operations Manager 2007 ( This management pack defines all of the views for this package.

  • Operations Manager Agent Management Library ( This management pack contains the definitions for various diagnostics and recoveries that can be used for automation of agent management and remediation.  Refer to the 開始使用 and 重要監視案例 sections of this guide for more details on this functionality.

  • Operational Data Reporting (ODR.MP). The Operational Data Reporting Management Pack gathers information and sends reports to Microsoft on a weekly basis (if you select to send reports). Microsoft uses these reports to improve the quality of its management packs and Operations Manager 2007. Participation in the program is strictly voluntary. For more information, see Appendix: Operational Data Reporting Management Pack.