Assigning Edge Servers to an Organization and Site

適用於: Operations Manager 2007

Exchange 2007 Edge Transport servers are not required to be part of an organization or site, yet they should show up in the topology view. By default, the management pack assigns all Edge Transport servers to a separate organization and site called Default-Edge Organization and Default-Edge Site. This is what shows up in the topology view. However, overrides can be used to have the Edge Transport servers appear under the organization and site of your choice.

The Site Edge on Edge discovery script supports two overrides: AD Site Name and Forest DNS Name. These overrides allow you to change the site and organization designation for your Edge Transport servers either on a server-by-server basis or for all your servers. If you enter the same organization and site names as existing organizations and sites discovered by other Exchange roles, the Edge Transport servers will join those existing sites in the topology view.