Synthetic Transactions in the Management Pack

適用於: Operations Manager 2007

This management pack improves the support for the Exchange 2007 synthetic transactions in a number of ways:

  • The synthetic transactions are more flexible because they run against the appropriate class. For example, test-mapiconnectivity measures database connectivity latency and the availability of each mailbox database on a Mailbox server by default. Because this transaction runs against the database class, the administrator can configure the databases to be monitored on each Exchange Mailbox server in a granular way.

  • The synthetic transactions instances can be represented in custom distributed applications.

This section lists the Exchange Server 2007 synthetic transactions in the management pack, how often they run, and where they run. Note that in some cases the synthetic transaction is not enabled by default. There are performance views that show the latencies recorded by the synthetic transaction.

You can override the frequency of the synthetic transactions, if required in your environment.


Transaction name Enabled Purpose Target Frequency (minutes)



Test availability and response time of each mailbox database on a Mailbox server.

Exchange 2007 Mailbox Database




Test the replication health when doing log shipping.

Exchange 2007 Log Shipping



Yes (local)

Test the ability to send mail to itself or another Mailbox server. The cmdlet waits for a delivery receipt and records availability and response times.

Exchange 2007 Mailbox Role

15 (local)



Use the Test-OwaConnectivity cmdlet to verify that Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access (OWA) is running as expected. The Test-OwaConnectivity cmdlet can be used to test OWA connectivity for Microsoft Exchange 2007 Client Access servers to Exchange 2007 Mailbox servers that are in the same Active Directory site. Test-OwaConnectivity can also be used to test the connectivity for an individual Exchange 2007 OWA URL.

Client Access Server