Before You Import the Management Pack

適用於: Operations Manager 2007

Before you import the Exchange Server 2007 Management Pack, note the following limitations of the management pack:

  • This management pack does not support agentless monitoring.

  • Monitoring Exchange 2007 failover clusters is fully supported, including Exchange Server 2007 cluster continuous replication (CCR) and single copy cluster (SCC).

  • This new Exchange Server 2007 Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 SP1 does not support an upgrade from the previously released, converted Exchange Server 2007 Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007. We recommend that you do not run both management packs in parallel. However, running both management packs in parallel is a supported scenario. If you decide to run both management packs in parallel, before importing this management pack, disable any synthetic transaction in the converted management pack. For more information about migrating custom settings from the previously released, converted management pack to the new, native management pack, see Appendix: Migrating from the Previously-Released Converted Exchange Server 2007 Management Pack.

Before you import the Exchange 2007 Management Pack, take the following actions:

  • Install the hotfix from Knowledge Base article 951380 ( on all computers that host the Operations Manager management server role.

  • Install the Operations Manager agent on all Exchange 2007 servers you want to manage.

  • Enable agent proxy on all managed Exchange 2007 servers. For information about how to enable agent proxy, see the instructions at the end of this topic.

  • If you want to set up Client Access server synthetic transactions using test-owaconnectivity, you will need to run the New-TestCasConnectivityUser.ps1 script on each managed Exchange 2007 Mailbox server to set up the required test accounts. See the Configuring Client Access Server Synthetic Transactions section for more details.

  • This management pack supports using a low-privilege Agent Action account. If you have a low-privilege scenario, we recommend that you first import only the Exchange Server 2007 Library Management Pack and set up the required Run As accounts before importing the rest of the Exchange management packs. This will allow the discoveries to function with the appropriate rights the first time they are run. Otherwise, there will be a delay because the discoveries run only once every 24 hours by default. See the Populate the Run As Profiles section for more information on setting up the Run As profiles.

To enable agent proxy on managed Exchange 2007 servers

  1. Click the Administration button in the Operations console, and then in the navigation pane, click Agent Managed.

  2. In the Agent Managed pane, right-click an Exchange server, click Properties, click the Security tab, and ensure that the Allow this agent to act as a proxy and discover managed objects on other computers check box is selected. Repeat the process for every managed Exchange 2007 server in the list.