Supported Configurations

適用於: Operations Manager 2007

The Exchange Server 2007 Management Pack supports monitoring of all server roles and configurations for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 and later on 64-bit platforms only. For more information about Exchange Server 2007 system requirements, see Exchange 2007 System Requirements (

This management pack is supported in stand-alone environments and in Exchange 2007 failover clusters, including Exchange Server 2007 cluster continuous replication (CCR) and single copy cluster (SCC). This management pack does not monitor network load balanced clusters that you may have set up for the Exchange 2007 Client Access server role, Hub Transport server role, or Edge Transport server role. This management pack does not support third-party cluster technology.

The maximum tested number of simultaneous synthetic transactions on an agent-monitored Exchange server is 15. Running synthetic transactions too frequently can generate a heavy load on the Mailbox or Client Access servers. Additionally, it is possible for incorrect availability to be calculated if the transactions are run too frequently. Therefore, we recommend that you do not run any of the synthetic transactions, such as Mail Flow or Client Access server synthetic transactions, more frequently than every 5 minutes.

The number of agent-managed Exchange 2007 servers you can monitor with this management pack is determined by the requirements of Operations Manager 2007 for the number of agent-managed servers that are supported by a single management group. For detailed information about supported configurations in Operations Manager 2007 SP1, see Operations Manager 2007 SP1 Supported Configurations (