Configuring Mail Flow Synthetic Transactions

適用於: Operations Manager 2007

The Exchange Server 2007 Management Pack supports local mail flow synthetic transactions on Mailbox servers, in which the server sends mail to itself. By default, this occurs every 15 minutes; you can override the interval.

This synthetic transaction is performed using the Exchange 2007 cmdlet Test-Mailflow ( The cmdlet tracks availability and also collects latency data. Mail flow synthetic transactions are represented by perspective icons that look like a pair of glasses in the Operations console. They will change state, depending on the outcome of running the synthetic transaction. An example for the Local Mail Flow transaction type is shown below:


You can also see synthetic transactions (represented by the perspective icon that looks like a pair of glasses) in the diagram view for a Mailbox server, as shown in the following screen shot:


The mail flow state view in the console shows the state of all mail flow synthetic transactions. An example of a state view for a Mailbox server is shown below:


By default, the management pack runs a local mail flow synthetic transaction on each agent-managed Exchange Server 2007 Mailbox server. The synthetic transaction ensures that the server can contact a Hub Transport server in its site and that the Hub Transport server can successfully deliver the mail. In the console, under Monitoring, the Mail Flow folder provides performance views for local mail flow latency.