Run As Profiles

適用於: Operations Manager 2007

The Exchange Server 2007 Management Pack has the following Run As profiles:


Run As profile name Runs workflows that require

Exchange 2007 Local System Account

Local System privileges on the Exchange 2007 servers. This profile is used by all the Exchange synthetic transactions. The Run As account would require Local System Windows Account privileges on the computer.

Exchange 2007 View Only Local User Account

Exchange View Only Administrator rights. Most of the discovery scripts in the management pack use this profile. The Run As account is required to be a member of the Exchange View-Only Administrators group and be the equivalent of the least-permissions account on the local computer.

To populate the Run As profiles, first create the appropriate accounts with the required rights and then populate the profiles. For instructions about associating a Run As account with a Run As profile, see the Run As Accounts and Run As Profiles in Operations Manager 2007 (

The Exchange 2007 Local System Account Run As profile must be populated if you are not using Local System as the default Agent Action Account.

Synthetic transactions require that agents run as Local System or that the Exchange 2007 Local System Account Run As profile is populated.

Using Groups to Manage Exchange Server 2007 Run As Profiles

We recommend that you use groups to manage the Exchange 2007 Run As profiles. These groups should be composed of Windows computer objects. The number of groups you create depends on your environment.

For example, if your environment is a single forest where there is only one set of permissions, use the Exchange 2007 computer group as the target group for distributing credentials to the Exchange 2007 servers for the Exchange 2007 Run As profiles.

In a second example, if your environment has multiple forests where, by definition, the sets of permissions are different, create a group per forest.

For information about configuring Run As profiles, see Run As Accounts and Run As Profiles in Operations Manager 2007 (