Enable Exchange 2007 Server Role Discovery

適用於: Operations Manager 2007

By default, the Exchange 2007 Management Pack will not automatically discover any Exchange 2007 Server roles, and no monitoring is distributed to Exchange 2007 servers. This enables you to discover servers as quickly or slowly as desired. It also enables you to test the management pack on a limited set of servers.

Exchange 2007 discoveries run every 24 hours by default.

Initially, the only discovery that runs automatically is called the Exchange 2007 Discovery Helper Discovery. It is a lightweight registry discovery that runs on all Windows servers. Its only purpose is to discover Exchange 2007 servers in your environment without actually starting monitoring.

To verify that Discovery Helper has discovered your Exchange 2007 servers

  1. Ensure that you have not scoped your views.

  2. Go to the Discovered Inventory view in the Monitoring section of the Operations console.

  3. Right-click and choose Select Target Type.

  4. In the Look for field, type Exchange 2007 Discovery Helper, select it, and then click OK. A list of Exchange 2007 servers appears with a status of “Not Monitored.”

If no Exchange 2007 servers are discovered, you might want to make the discovery run more frequently than the default. You can change the frequency of the Exchange 2007 Discovery Helper Discovery in Object Discoveries located under Authoring in the Operations console.

To enable Exchange 2007 Server Role Discovery

  1. Go to the Object Discoveries node located under Authoring in the Operations console.

  2. In the Look for field, type Exchange 2007 Server Role and click Enter. A list of Exchange 2007 server role discoveries appears. You need to enable the following server role discoveries to monitor the respective server role:


    Discovery Name Description

    Exchange 2007 CCR Clustered Mailbox Server Role Discovery

    Discovers CCR and SCC clustered Mailbox servers

    Exchange 2007 CCR Node Role Discovery

    Discovers CCR node servers in a CCR cluster (the physical nodes)

    Exchange 2007 Standalone CCR Node Discovery

    Discovers stand-alone CCR node roles (nodes that are participating in log shipping but are not part of an active Mailbox server) and stand-alone mailbox roles

    Exchange 2007 CAS Role Discovery

    Discovers Client Access server roles

    Exchange 2007 Hub Transport Role Discovery

    Discovers Hub Transport server roles

    Exchange 2007 Edge Role Discovery

    Discovers Edge Transport server roles

    Exchange 2007 UM Role Discovery

    Discovers Unified Messaging (UM) roles

For example, to enable discovery of all Hub Transport servers, right-click the Exchange 2007 Hub Transport Role Discovery and select Overrides\Enable the Object Discovery\for all objects of type Exchange 2007 Discovery Helper. If you want, you can choose to discover servers using a group (containing Exchange 2007 Discovery Helper instances) or a single instance of Exchange 2007 Discovery Helper. It is also possible to use a group containing the computer objects of the Exchange servers.

If you are monitoring clusters, ensure that you are overriding the appropriate discoveries for the Discovery Helper instances representing the clustered mailbox server. Otherwise, the clusters will not be correctly discovered. If you are using a group of Windows-based computers to override the discoveries, ensure that the clustered mailbox server Computer objects are part of that group.