Configuring IIS Monitoring

適用於: Operations Manager 2007

The Exchange Server 2007 Management Pack contains service monitors for the WWW and IIS Admin Services on Client Access servers. If you are already monitoring IIS with the IIS Management Pack, you can disable these monitors in the Exchange Server 2007 Management Pack.

The IIS Management Pack, by default, checks the service states regardless of the startup type. This can result in erroneous alerts on the physical nodes of clusters that have IIS stopped. We recommend disabling the IIS Service monitors for the physical nodes of the cluster, so that you monitor only the clustered Mailbox virtual server.

To disable WWW and IIS Admin Service monitors

  1. Go to the monitors node in the Authoring section of the Operations console.

  2. Set your scope to Exchange 2007 Client Access Role.

  3. Expand Entity Health\Availability for the Exchange 2007 Client Access Role.

  4. Disable the Exchange 2007 IIS Admin Service Monitor on the Client Access server and the Exchange 2007 WWW Publishing Service Monitor for all instances of objects of type Exchange 2007 Client Access Role.