Management Pack Knowledge

適用於: Operations Manager 2007

Knowledge for this management pack is stored online in the Microsoft Exchange Server TechCenter. You can access the knowledge for rules, monitors, and other management pack elements through links embedded in the element details pane. This topic provides instructions for accessing product knowledge, using a rule as an example.

To access product knowledge for a management pack rule

  1. Click the Authoring button in the Operations console, and then click Rules.

  2. In the Rules pane, click a rule to see the knowledge.

  3. In the Rule details pane, click View knowledge. The Properties page for the rule is displayed.

  4. Click the Product Knowledge tab, and then click Microsoft Exchange Server TechCenter.

You can add comments to and rate the online knowledge. The Exchange product group receives your comments and ratings on the product knowledge and can make improvements to the knowledge based on your feedback. Improvements to the product knowledge are hosted on the Microsoft Exchange Server TechCenter and are immediately available without updating the management pack.