What's New

適用於: Operations Manager 2007

The following features are included in this Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) Management Pack:

  • Service monitoring—Forefront UAG requires that a number of services are running for correct operation. The status of these services is mapped to monitors for the classes that represent the Forefront UAG server.

  • Built-in application monitoring—The health of several Forefront UAG built-in applications is monitored according to the status of the relevant services.

  • Event monitoring—A number of informational events on Forefront UAG health status are collected and reported.

  • DirectAccess monitoring—DirectAccess monitoring comprises the health state of the DirectAccess components: 6to4 router, DNS64, IP-HTTPS gateway, ISATAP router, Network security, Teredo relay, and Teredo server. DirectAccess monitoring is also affected by performance threshold monitoring whereby the health state of components is determined according to the last sampled value (or average of several values). DirectAccess monitoring includes the measuring of three user activity quantities that indicate successful connections of clients to the DirectAccess server: number of sticky connections, number of Main Mode Security Associations, and Teredo packet receive rate (a warning is displayed if all three values are zero).