Issues Accessing Shared Files on a MultiPoint Server

If you have trouble accessing documents that are shared with other users on the MultiPoint Server system, the problem might be that the files you are trying to access were not saved in the Public Documents folder in Windows Explorer.

The Windows Explorer location at which you save a document or other files can affect the privacy or public access of those files. By default, the Documents library in Windows Explorer includes two folders: My Documents (which is private) and Public Documents (which is public). The other document libraries contain similar pairs of private and public folders. If you or someone else wants to share a document or file with other users, you must save it to the Public Documents folder in Windows Explorer

You can also share content by saving it to a USB storage device, such as a USB flash drive or mass storage device (external hard disk). When you attach a USB storage device to a station or to the computer that is running MultiPoint Server, that storage device will appear as a removable storage device to all users across the MultiPoint Server system, and the files stored on that storage device will be available to all users.

Use the following procedure to make sure that the file that you want to access is in the Public Documents folder.

To find a file in the Public Documents folder

  1. Browse to the location in Windows Explorer where the file should be saved. For example, if it is a document, browse to the Documents library.

  2. In the Documents library, open the Public Documents folder to find the document.

  3. If it is not in the Public Documents folder, have the user who created the document open the My Documents folder at his or her station to see whether the document was saved in that private folder instead. If so, the user can move the document to the Public Documents folder so that all users can open or view the file.

  4. If the file is still not found, see whether the file is located on a USB storage device plugged into the computer, and then copy it to the Public Documents folder. If the file is not on the USB storage device, try using the Windows Search folder to locate the file.

    For more information about how to use the Search folder in Windows, search for Find a file or folder in Windows Help and Support.