更新日期: 2010年12月

適用於: Operations Manager 2007

The following diagram shows the classes defined in this management pack.

The following table describes the classes defined in this management pack.


Class Name Description

Microsoft FEP Deployment

Provides a starting point to view the state of the FEP deployment as well as the alerts. All health issues are rolled up to this class.

Discovery targets the Microsoft Windows Server and runs a monitor to check the FEP registry key.

Microsoft FEP Service

Represents the FEP service and checks if the FEP service is running.

Microsoft FEP Service Features

Represents features of the FEP service and monitors the event log for errors and warnings, and then updates the server status accordingly.

Microsoft FEP Data Warehouse Container

Provides a container for the Microsoft FEP Data Warehouse (FEP DWH). This class is created if the FEP DWH exists and is accessible.

Discovery uses the DWH connection information from the FEP service registry entry, and executes a monitor to verify that the FEP DWH is accessible.

Microsoft FEP Data Warehouse

Represents the FEP Data Warehouse. All FEP DWH checks are run under this class, and are then rolled-up to the FEP server.