Run As Profile

更新日期: 2011年1月

適用於: Operations Manager 2007

When the Microsoft Business Intelligence Appliance Discovery Management Pack is first imported, it creates two new Run As profiles:

  • SQL Server Appliance Default Action Profile

    This profile is not used in this management pack.

  • Microsoft Business Intelligence Appliance Monitoring Profile

    This profile is associated with the “Backup Volume Size Insufficient” rule.

By default, all discoveries, monitors, and tasks use the accounts defined in the “Default Action Account” Run As profile. If the default action account for a given system does not have the necessary permissions to discover or monitor the instance of Microsoft Business Intelligence Appliance, then those systems can be bound to more specific credentials in the SQL Server Appliance Run As profiles, which do have access.

The following steps help you configure Run As profiles for Microsoft Business Intelligence Appliance:

To configure Run As profiles

  1. Identify the names of the target computers where the default action account has insufficient rights to monitor Microsoft Business Intelligence Appliance.

  2. For each system, create or use an existing set of credentials that have at least the Microsoft Business Intelligence Appliance privileges discussed in the Low-Privilege Environments section of this management pack guide.

  3. For each set of credentials identified in step 2, make sure a corresponding Run As account exists in the management group. Create the Run As account if necessary.

  4. Set up the mappings between the targets and the Run As accounts on the Run As Accounts tab of each of the Run As profiles.

For more information, see Run As Profiles and Run As Accounts in Operations Manager 2007 ( and the Low-Privilege Environments section.