Error ID: 341

更新日期: 2013年1月

適用於: System Center 2012 - Data Protection Manager, System Center 2012 SP1 - Data Protection Manager

Error ID 341 — Data Protection Manager

To provide feedback about the types of information that would help you resolve this error, please contact the DPM Support Team.



System Center 2012 – Data Protection Manager (DPM)






Symbolic Name


The agent operation failed because the credentials you provided do not have sufficient user rights on <ServerName>.

Possible Issue 1

The account that is used does not have sufficient user rights and permissions on the server.

Resolution: Retry the agent operation and provide credentials that have administrator user rights on the DPM server.

Possible Issue 2

The system times of the DPM server, the server on which you are installing the agent, and the domain controller are not synchronized; therefore the Kerberos authentication fails.

Resolution: Verify that system times on the DPM server and the server on which you are installing the agent are synchronized with the system time on the domain controller.

Possible Issue 3

The DNS setting on the DPM server or the computer on which you are installing the protection agent is incorrect.

Resolution: Verify that the DNS settings are correct.

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