Convert a MultiPoint Server from KMS to MAK Activation or Vice Versa

This section applies to Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 Academic installations only.

When you install Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 Academic on a new computer, MultiPoint Server installs a product key that uses Microsoft Key Management Service (KMS) to activate the computer. However, if your MultiPoint Server is in an environment that previously used multiple activation keys (MAK) for activation, and your organization changes to using KMS, you can manually convert the existing computers that are running MultiPoint Server to KMS by installing the applicable startup product key. The updated product key enables these computers to automatically activate using a KMS host server.

For Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 Academic, the startup product key to use is:


You can use the same procedure to convert a KMS-activated system to MAK activation.

For more information about how to use KMS and installing the applicable product key, see Volume Activation Technical Reference Guide (