Initial MultiPoint Server Configuration

After MultiPoint Server has been set up, there are additional configuration tasks that you might have to complete, such as the following:

  • Associating stations with MultiPoint Server

  • Activating MultiPoint Server

  • Installing client access licenses (CALs)

  • Hot-plugging multifunction hubs with monitors attached

  • Renaming the computer

Associate MultiPoint Server stations

Generally, MultiPoint Server stations are associated automatically when you turn the computer on. MultiPoint Server provides a set of interfaces that allow a driver to pre-associate a monitor with a USB hub so that the association can be achieved without requiring user input. Auto-associating is most likely to be implemented for station hubs that include integrated video adapters, such as those available from some OEM vendors.

However, there are some situations that require you to associate a station manually, as described in the following sections.

Associate MultiPoint Server stations manually

Video devices that do not have drivers that support automatically associating stations must be associated manually. Manual association is performed when the MultiPoint Server system is deployed for the first time. Additionally, stations can also be re-associated at any time by restarting the computer and selecting screen associating mode again.

In MultiPoint 管理員, to manually re-associate a station, press “S” at the Mode Selection Screen. After several seconds, on each display that was not associated automatically, the Create a station screen will display to indicate a character that can be pressed on a keyboard to associate the station with that monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

The character set might differ by language.

After a station has been associated, users can log on and start to use it.

Activate MultiPoint Server

Activation makes sure that the MultiPoint Server operating system on your computer is used according to the Microsoft Software License Terms. You must activate MultiPoint Server within 30 days after installation.

To activate MultiPoint Server

  1. On the Start menu, right-click Computer.

  2. Click Properties.

  3. At the bottom of the screen, click Activate Windows.

Install client access licenses (CALs)

You must obtain client access license (CALs) for each station that is connected to the computer that is running MultiPoint Server. For more information about how to install CALs, see 新增用戶端存取使用權 in MultiPoint 管理員 Help.

Hot-plug multifunction hubs with monitors attached

USB display devices, such as monitors, can be “hot-plugged” into the MultiPoint Server’s USB network at any time. If the appropriate drivers for the device are already installed on the computer it can immediately be used for associating stations. When automatic station associating is supported, the USB monitor will be automatically associated to the associated station hub. If automatic station associating is not supported, the newly-connected USB monitor will immediately display the station-associating screen with a new character displayed. Press the designated key to manually associate the monitor with a station hub.

Rename the computer

Renaming the computer is not required. However, when obtained through the Microsoft Volume Licensing, program, the computer that is running MultiPoint Server will have a randomly-generated name.

To give the computer a different name

  1. Click Start.

  2. Right-click Computer.

  3. Select Properties.

  4. In the Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings section, click Change settings.

  5. On the Computer Name tab, click Change.

  6. In the Computer Name/Domain Changes dialog box, type the new server name.