Install MultiPoint Server

If MultiPoint Server is not already installed on the computer that you have purchased for your MultiPoint Server system, you must install the operating system before you can continue with your deployment. If this is necessary, you should have been provided with an installation DVD so that you can complete the installation. Complete the following procedure to install MultiPoint Server on the computer.

Before you start the installation process, set up the computer and connect the components for the primary station to the computer. For more information about how to set up the primary station, see MultiPoint Server Station Types.

To install the MultiPoint Server operating system on your computer

If you purchased MultiPoint Server pre-installed on the server from an OEM, begin at step 2.

  1. Insert the MultiPoint Server installation DVD into the computer.

  2. Start the computer to begin MultiPoint Server installation.

    If you are installing MultiPoint Server from a DVD, you might be prompted to press a key to begin the installation.

  3. Follow the installation steps as prompted on the screen. The computer might restart several times during the installation process.

  4. After the installation is finished, you are ready to physically set up additional MultiPoint Server stations.