Set Up MultiPoint Server Stations with Multifunction Station Hubs

A MultiPoint Server station typically consists of a collection of physical components including a station hub, mouse, keyboard, and monitor. This section describes how to connect these station devices to a multifunction hub to create a MultiPoint Server station.

A multifunction hub is an expansion hub that connects to the computer through a USB port and enables the connection of a variety of both USB and non-USB devices to the hub. A multifunction hub typically contains a video display port so that the monitor can be connected to the multifunction hub instead of directly to the computer that is running MultiPoint Server. Multifunction hubs are produced by specific hardware manufacturers and might require the installation of a device-specific driver.

Use the following procedure to set up the station using a multifunction hub. Complete the setup of the primary station before you set up standard stations.

Be sure to install all of the latest 64-bit video drivers and drivers for the multifunction hub.

To set up a MultiPoint Server station using a multifunction hub

  1. Ensure that the computer that is running MultiPoint Server is turned off and unplugged.

  2. Connect the multifunction hub to an open USB port on the computer, as shown in the following illustration:

  3. Connect the video monitor cable to the DVI or VGA video display port on the multifunction hub:

  4. Connect a keyboard and mouse to the multifunction hub:

    多功能集線器與 PS2 接頭的影像
  5. Connect the power cord of the video monitor to a power outlet.

  6. Repeat the previous steps until all stations have been connected to the computer that is running MultiPoint Server.

  7. Connect the power cord of the computer to the power outlet.

  8. Turn on the computer.

  9. MultiPoint Server starts. If prompted, follow the instructions that appear on the station’s video monitor to associate the devices to the station.

The following figure shows a MultiPoint Server system that is set up with a primary station and two additional standard stations connected to the computer that is using multifunction hubs.