Common MultiPoint Server Tasks

The MultiPoint 管理員 application lets you monitor and take actions on MultiPoint Server stations. The MultiPoint 管理員 Help file provides information about how to use MultiPoint 管理員 daily to manage MultiPoint Server stations.

MultiPoint 管理員 provides four tabs to access the tasks you need when you are managing MultiPoint Server stations. Each tab, and the tasks that you can perform on them, is described in more detail in each Help topic. The four tabs include the following:

  • System tab: Switch modes to perform administrative tasks, restart or shut down the computer, check the status of the system, and get help or support.

  • Desktops tab: View users’ desktop status and end or disconnect user sessions.

  • Hardware tab: View hardware status.

  • Users tab: Create and manage standard user accounts and administrative user accounts.

You can open MultiPoint 管理員 Help in MultiPoint 管理員 by clicking the Help icon on each page in MultiPoint 管理員.

For more information, and to view the topics in MultiPoint 管理員 Help, see Managing Windows MultiPoint Server 2010.