Perform Advanced MultiPoint Server Tasks

MultiPoint Server is designed so that non-IT professionals can perform basic management tasks from the MultiPoint 管理員 user interface (UI). However, sometimes advanced management tasks should performed by an IT professional. The Server Manager console includes snap-ins for the most common advanced tasks that an administrator might have to perform, such as:

  • Scheduling backups

  • Managing devices and their associated drivers

  • Using Windows System Resource Manager (WSRM) to balance resource usage

  • Adding and managing roles, role services, and features

  • Managing physical and logical disks

  • Viewing event logs

  • Performing performance analysis

  • Managing scheduled tasks

  • Managing the Windows firewall

  • Starting and stopping services

  • Performing advanced user and security group management

Users should have the appropriate knowledge and experience before they try to use these tools. This section does not include details on how to manage these components. However, detailed information is available for each of these components in Windows Server Help.

This section briefly describes some optional role services and features that might be of special significance to administrators for MultiPoint Server, such as: