MultiPoint Server Startup Issues


When some non-standard USB devices are connected to MultiPoint Server through a USB hub when the MultiPoint Server system is started, the system will stop responding, or “hang,” at the BIOS screen.


When MultiPoint Server is started, the BIOS or firmware of the computer cannot detect some non-standard USB devices.

Alternatively, the BIOS, or firmware, of certain computers that are running MultiPoint Server can have problems when too many USB devices are plugged into the system when the system is started. Computers that experience these problems can include those that are designed with only 4 to 6 USB ports, or are of an older design.


Some manufacturers, such as HP, have BIOS upgrades that can fix this problem. Contact your system provider for more information about this option.

Another solution might be to unplug the USB devices from the computer before you start the computer. Start the computer, and after Windows has started, plug the USB devices into the computer.