MultiPoint Server Station Association Issues


When you turn off a monitor that has already been associated with a station, and then turn it back on, the monitor displays a screen that requires you to associate the monitor with a station again.


Typically, monitors go into a low power sleep state that continues to provide sufficient power to the display interface (such as VGS, DVI, or DisplayPort) to allow Plug and Play to continue to track the device.

However, some monitors go into an unpowered state when turned off. In this state, the connection to MultiPoint Server is broken, which causes the monitor to be removed from the list of attached peripheral devices. When the monitor is turned back on, Plug and Play assigns a new ID to the monitor that invalidates its previous association to a specific station. Therefore, the monitor displays the association screen.


Use the monitor’s built-in menus, often accessible by pressing a button on the monitor, to change the configuration of the power savings mode for the monitor to one that provides sufficient power to the display interface if the monitor is turned off.