MultiPoint Server Stations, Hubs, and USB Devices

MultiPoint Server Station Components

Typically, a MultiPoint Server station is a collection of hardware that consists of the following components:

  • Station hub

  • Monitor

  • Keyboard

  • Mouse

Other peripheral devices, such as speakers, headphones, or USB flash drives may also be connected to a station hub.

Primary Stations and Standard Stations

Both primary stations and standard stations are usually defined immediately after you install MultiPoint Server. Every MultiPoint Server system must have a primary station and one or more standard stations. The primary station is the one which displays the startup process when the computer is turned on. It also displays the MultiPoint Server Mode Selection screen. The monitor of the primary station must be connected directly to a video port on the computer that is running MultiPoint Server, for example, by a DVI or VGA cable. In contrast, standard stations can have monitors connected either directly to the video ports on the computer or through USB video devices.

The following diagram shows a MultiPoint Server system with a primary station and two additional stations. In this diagram, the monitor of the primary station is connected directly to the MultiPoint Server computer by a DVI cable, and the monitors, keyboards, and mice of the standard stations are connected to multifunction USB hubs.


A station hub is a hardware device that connects peripheral devices to a computer in a MultiPoint Server system. Both USB hubs and multifunction hubs can be used as station hubs.

A USB hub in this context is a generic multiport USB expansion hub that complies with the universal serial bus (USB) specifications. Such hubs typically have two, four, or more USB ports that enable multiple USB devices to be connected to a single USB port on the computer. USB hubs are typically separate devices that may be externally powered or unpowered. Some other devices, such as some keyboards and video monitors, may also incorporate a USB hub into their design.

Only USB 2.0-compliant hubs are supported by MultiPoint Server.

A multifunction hub is an expansion hub that connects to the computer via a USB port and enables the connection of a variety of non-USB devices to the hub. Multifunction USB hubs must be USB 2.0-compliant.

Additional Information about USB Devices

With the exception of station hubs, MultiPoint Server will support any USB 2.0 device connected either to a station hub or directly to the computer. Most of these devices, such as a USB flash drive, printer, camera, and so on, will be available from any station. However, when any of the following USB devices is connected to a station hub, it will automatically be associated with that particular station:

  • Keyboards

  • Mice

  • Speakers

  • Headphones