Supported MultiPoint Server Station Hub Configurations

When you set up stations for the computer that is running MultiPoint Server, you want to set up the station hardware so that hardware devices work correctly, and that they are in a secure location with access to a power source. To do this, the type of station hub that you use, and how far away from the host computer that the station hub is located, are important decisions, as described in this section.

The use of one USB intermediate hub to go beyond the basic distance limitations of the USB architecture is supported, but a self-powered hub should be located at each end of the connection.

No more than one intermediate hub is supported between the root hub in the host computer and a station hub. One additional hub can be connected to the station hub to support additional peripheral devices connected to the station hub.

Microsoft has not verified the use of wireless USB hub devices with MultiPoint Server. Wireless USB keyboards and mice where the wireless USB transceiver is plugged into a wired hub are supported.

The following illustration shows an optimal setup scenario for a MultiPoint Server system with an intermediate hub and three station hubs. This illustration shows the use of both USB hubs and multifunction hubs to create user stations.

MultiPoint Server USB 集線器連線層級


第一個清單項目的圖形指示器 Intermediate hub

第二個清單項目的圖形指示器 Station hub. The middle hub is a multifunction hub, and the monitor is plugged into the video port on the multifunction hub. The other station hubs are USB hubs and the monitor is plugged into the computer running MultiPoint Server.

第三個清單項目的圖形指示器 Additional hub plugged into a station hub.