Troubleshooting information for Spreadsheet Controls applications


適用版本: Office Professional Plus 2013, Office 365 ProPlus, Excel 2013, Access 2013

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Summary: Find quick access to information about how to resolve issues with deployments of Audit and Control Management applications.

This section contains troubleshooting information for Microsoft Audit and Control Management Server 2013 applications.

The following articles about how to troubleshoot Microsoft Audit and Control Management Server 2013 applications are available to view online. Writers update articles on a continuing basis as new information becomes available and as users provide feedback.


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Database Compare troubleshooting: 'Unhandled exception' error message

This article describes the tools and techniques that you can use to troubleshoot failed attempts to use 資料庫比較.

Microsoft Audit and Control Management Server 2013 and Microsoft Discovery and Risk Assessment Server 2013 are licensed with SharePoint Server 2013. Here are some additional resources related to SharePoint products and technologies.

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