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Partner hosted Lync

Learn how you can become a Lync 2013 hoster. Select one of the following approaches to hosting Lync 2013 to learn more, or browse through the resources for hosters to the right.

  1. Get started
  2. Hosting scenarios
  3. Resources
  4. Support
  5. Events

Partner hosted Lync: Get started

  • Lync Hosting Playbook

    Central source to help you build a Lync to help you successfully differentiate offerings, achieve scale and deepen relationship with end-customers.

  • How to become a Hoster

    Visit the Hosting Service Provider site to view resources to become a licensed Microsoft Hosting Partner.

Hosting scenarios

Lync offers three hosting scenarios. Select the following links to learn more about each hosting scenario. 

Lync single tenant hosted cloud

Partner hosted productivity cloud

A select set of partners to host in-country productivity cloud offerings when Office 365 alone is not a complete fit. See the Partner hosted productivity cloud site.

Lync multi-tenant hosted cloud

Serve SMB markets with the Lync Hoster Pack, Microsoft's only supported solution for partner hosted multi-tenant Lync.

Resources for hosting partners

Hosting partner support

For questions, please email

Events for Lync hosters

Spring 2013 Lync Hosting Experience Summit

Content from previous events

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