Virtualization scenarios

CCF supports virtualized scenarios such as Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V. In this case, you can combine CCF roles into a single virtual server. For more information about Hyper-V performance consideration, refer to

CCF 2009 SP1 includes support for Microsoft Hyper-V for CCF server and client components. Hyper-V allows you to install multiple server roles on a single Windows Server 2008 server, using virtualization. CCF 2009 SP1 also supports mixed environments where some of the components exist on a Microsoft Hyper-V server, and the rest on normal machines. In production environment, the usual scenario is to host CCF servers in a Hyper-V environment, and host SQL server and clients on normal machines.


You can use virtualization to consolidate multiple server roles into one machine, or spread back-up servers in a NLB-based environment across virtual machines. For more information about Hyper-V, see Using Hyper-V Hardware Virtualization.