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Error in installation log for Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC can be misleading
Given many of the exciting announcements and features demonstrated recently at Build 2014, customers are downloading Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC. This update is quite a bit bigger than VS2013 Update 1 since it contains many new features. A small number of customers, however, are experiencing problems installing VS2013.2 RC. Symptoms While specific symptoms vary, some customers see an error dialog almost immediately or they see warnings after installation completes successfully. In these cases, customers have spotted the following error in the bundle installation log: [1543:4DC8][2014-04-09T12:00:30]e000: Error 0x80070103: Failed to find product code for given upgrade code. [1543:4DC8][2014-04-09T12:00:30]i000: MsiProductSearch failed: ID 'EmulatorWP81_Version', HRESULT 0x80070103 This error is not fatal, however. This denotes that a particular search did not find a product installed and was logged improperly (and has been fixed). Normally searching for “Error” in a bundle installation log is helpful (unlike Windows Installer package logs), though we hope you never have the need. Blocking condition First check the bottom of the log (tip: Ctrl+End in notepad.exe) for the process exit code. In some cases we’ve seen, the following was logged: [1543:4DC8][2014-04-09T12:01:15]i007: Exit code: 0x80044000, restarting: No Error code 0x80044000 is that a condition is blocking install, which is displayed in the error dialog and also found in the log as “Stop Block”. In the cases we have investigated a qualifying product like Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate or Express for Windows was not installed even though Update 1 might’ve installed successfully (Update 1 didn’t properly block installation when a qualifying product was not installed). [1543:4DC8][2014-04-09T12:00:35]i000: MUX:  Stop Block: NoApplicableUpdates : Update 2 RC does not apply, or is blocked by another condition on your computer. Some tools like Remote Tools 2013 have their own upgrades and are not primarily serviced by VSUpdate. If you are sure you installed a qualifying product like Visual Studio 2013 Professional, Premium, Ultimate, Express for Web, Express for Windows, or Integrated Shell, the bundle registration might have been corrupted. Run the install program for any bundles you installed again and re-install or repair the bundle when prompted. Reboot required If scripting the installation of VSUpdate, you might get error code 0x80048bc7 which our VS2013 administrator guide documents as, “Incomplete”. [1543:4DC8][2014-04-09T12:01:15]i007: Exit code: 0x80048bc7, restarting: No This means that setup has not yet completed but a reboot is required to complete the install. This is common if Hyper-V was not already enabled in Windows and you are installing the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK and emulator. In this case, restart the machine and setup will resume once you log back in. More information VSUpdate applicability depends on bundle information that is written to the registry key for Programs and Features, or simply "ARP". Since VSUpdate is a related bundle that will patch qualifying bundles like those mentioned above, related bundles must be registered correctly. Be sure to install Visual Studio using only the install program Enjoy all the great new features Visual Studio 2013 has to offer and be sure to check out some of the cool videos!

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